Will Trump Win?

It looks like Trump might win, now that he has racked up victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. The allied energy corporations are going to love this. Why? Because Trump wants to steal more oil in the middle east. Very interesting to see what will happen going forward.

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Gas Prices Possibly Going up?

It seems that gas prices, according to reports from different mainstream international media outlets, have gone up in Saudi Arabia, of all places, and some Caribbean countries. Very interesting indeed.

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Merry (Warm) Christmas

This must have been the warmest Christmas/New Years I have experienced.

Probably down to global warming.

Let’s get solar panels and invest in renewable energy!

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Some Thoughts on Hillary

I think that Hillary Clinton is not really the consummate socialist like Bernie Sanders and therefore not fit for providing the United States of America with the leftist revolution it so badly needs. But lets take a look at some of her energy policies – is she allied with any big energy corporations?

One website is claiming that she receives quite a bit of subsidies from high ranking officials in companies like Exxon and Chevron.

All in all, I am a little skeptical of her.

Come on Bernie!

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Future of US

I am really worried that the best candidates on both sides – John Kasich and Bernie Sanders – appear not to have any chances of winning their nominations and fighting for a really improved, progressive United States of America.

We might end up with Clinton or Trump – what a thought. What a potential calamity.

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Should Cuba Worry

It is well known that Cuba and Venezuela have had long and deep relations with each other for the past years that Venezuela has been ruled by both Chavez and Maduro in the socialist Bolivarian revolution.

This means that the crude oil subsidies that Cuba has been receiving might stop – and this makes up somewhere between 8-20 percent of the Cuban economy. I hope this does not mean that the glorious Cuban revolution will enter another special period.

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Maduro Loses

We can now see the effect that oil has on many countries – especially developing ones and “second-tier” economies like Venezuela. Due to the crash of oil prices it seems like – to my deep disappointment – that the socialist revolution of Latin America – Nicolas Maduro and Hugo Chavez’s “Bolivarian revolution” has been triumphed for the first time in more than a decade and a half.

No doubt this is the fault of the imperialist pigs in America.

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