Israeli Natural Gas Discovery

This could be a game changer in the middle east. The small nation that has been previously thought to not have any natural gas or crude oil seems to have found a large resource in the Mediterranean sea.

This is going to change the relationship that the Israelis have with Turkey and other close-by countries. This will change the complexion of allied energy corporations and countries.

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Donald Trump Mexican Comments

I know this is not central to the theme of the blog, but I had some thoughts on what was going on. I think that it is pretty disgraceful the way that he said what he said. Also some of his comments were overblown (even though they were already pretty awful).

The thing is that from the perspective of a socialist, interestingly enough it might make sense to be against unlimited illegal immigration. But I’m unsure about this issue.

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Oil is Really Crashing

But this is not necessarily having the great results that I want the lower prices to have. Some of my favorite socialist countries, like Venezuela, are struggling. They are due to have elections in December. The Bolivarian revolution might lose, which is causing me, in turn, to lose sleep at night.

We need a revolution that allows certain countries to charge more for oil if they have good social programs and are leftist.

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Trump and Oil

He wants to make an even bigger push for thievery by stealing oil and giving it to America to pay for the Iraq war. This guy is crazy

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Some Updates

It is good to be back posting here attempting to fix world order with this blog. We haven’t been blogging since February. Let us change the world!


While you are at it – on the right hand side you can access our Goodreads stuff – they make for really good reads.

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Is Hillary Good for Allied Energy Corporations

I am not sure about what kind of effect she would have on corporations if she got elected as President of the United States of America. We will have to follow her here on this blog to find out what she says and how her position of power might impact trees and other sacred things.

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Brazil Crisis

The country is suffering from a terrible situation where the government is cutting water supply and raising electricity tariffs. I’m not sure what can be done about that situation.

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